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Vote No On Petition

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Meeting to Discuss Pownal Proposed Bylaws




When? Town Meeting on Monday, April 21 at 7:00pm


Where? At Pownal elementary school


On April 22, there will be a townwide vote in Pownal for one specific purpose: That purpose is to vote on the new proposed town bylaws. The issue with the proposed bylaws is that they will allow additional mobile home parks in the village district. And that is a problem.


The problem: The majority of mobile home parks have multiple serious issues: flooding, no water, horrendous roads, many unsafe swellings, density problems, etc. I would suggest to anyone who has not been in the parks for several years to drive through Alta Park, Green Mountain and Royal Pine Villa.


Under certain provisions of Vermont State Law, Pownal can place a moratorium on new mobile home parks. A moratorium would give Pownal a chance to address the issues mentioned above. Since over one third of our residents live in mobile home parks, it does not make sense to create any additional problems before addressing the concerns at hand.


This issue is just too important to let the planning board and selectmen alone make a decision that affects all town residents, hence the petition to challenge the bylaw. This peition had to address the proposed bylaw in its entirety.


The meeting on Monday, April 21, at the school at 6pm is a forum to discuss this issue.


The vote takes place on Tuesday, April 22 from 7am - 7pm at the middle fire house. Vote "no" to stop a bylaw that will permit additional mobile home parks. The bylaws will then go back to the planning board, but this time the planning board will know the voters' wishes.

Pauline Guntlow, Pownal

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