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Town Offices including the Select Board (redirected from Select-Board-Minutes)

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Pownal Select Board



Pownal Select Board on CAT-TV

  plus other governmental boards in the CAT-TV area 


Telephone numbers:


Town Clerk:  802-823-7757

Select Board:  802-823-0132

Listers:  802-823-5644

Treasurer:  802-823-5326

Town clerk schedule:  9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday


Pownal Rescue Squad:  823-5200

Pownal Fire Station:  823-7907

Pownal Center Fire Station:  823-7703

North Pownal Fire Station:  823-5497

East Pownal Fire Station:  823-8411

Constable LaFontaine:  823-5878

Pownal Post Office:  823-7922

North Pownal Post Office:  823-5622

Forest Fire Warden O’Dell:  823-9349

Health Officer Gilbert:  823-7253

Town Road Maintenance:  442-2056

Solomon Wright Library:  823-5400

Elementary School:  823-7333



Select Board--2018

      Nelson Brownell, chair; Ron Bisson, Jason Olansky, Jenny Dewar, Bob Jarvis 


Select Board--2017

     Nelson Brownell, chair; Ron Bisson, Bruce Martel, Suzanne Caraman, Jason Olansky


Select Board 2016


     Ron Bisson--chair, Nelson Brownell, Jason Olansky, Henry Strohmaier, Suzanne Caraman


Select Board 2014


Nelson Brownell, Chair; Ron Bisson, Henry Strohmaier, Rich Ryder.



Select Board 2012


Steve Kauppi, Chair

Ron Bisson, vice-chair

Dale Palmer, Nelson Brownell, and Michael George 


Select Board 2007


The 2007 Select Board -- Hap Percey, Stoney Stone, Steve Kauppi, Don Prouty, Nelson Brownell

photo by Carl Villanueva



Select Board Minutes

Note:  We have not received any minutes of Select Board Meetings since 2007--sorry.


Friends rally for board member Stoney Stone-1.docx

 Friends and Neighbors Help Stoney.doc

Select Board minutes, 12 Oct 2006

Select Board minutes, 19 Oct 2006

Select Board minutes, 2 Nov 2006

Select Board minutes 16 Nov 06

Select Board minutes, 7 Dec 06

Select Board minutes, 14 Dec 06

Select Board minutes 21 Dec 2006

Select Board minutes, 4 Jan 2007

Select Board minutes, 11 Jan. 2007

Select Board minutes, 18 Jan 2007

Select Board minutes, 1 Feb 2007

Select Board Feb 8, 2007

Select Board Mar 1, 2007

Select Board Mar 8, 2007

Select Board Mar 15, 2007

Select Board Mar 22, 2007

Select Board April 5, 2007

Select Board April 12, 2007 Proposal to Close Roads

Select Board 10 Jan 2007 Budget meeting

Select Board 17 Jan 2007 Budget meeting

Select Board 24 Jan 2007 Budget meeting

Select Board 29 Jan 2007 Budget meeting

Select Board meeting

BS0723.doc ATV business, July 12

Select Board meeting

Select Board meeting, July 19, 2007

Select Board meeting

April 12, 2007

Special meeting on the Bartels property re:  rescue squad and town office

April 19, 2007 Wastewater contract

sb_May 3, 2007.doc

sb_June 7, 2007.doc

sb_June 14 regular meeting.doc

sb_June 14, 2007.doc Special Meeting

1.doc">BS0726_spec1.doc ATV MEETING

1+aug+9.doc">BS07271 aug 9.doc

1+Sept+6.doc">BS07281 Sept 6.doc


Public Hearings


public hearing, town plan, 11 Oct. 2006

public hearing, town plan, 12 Oct. 2006

public hearing, By-Laws, 11 Oct. 2006 Half-way houses, contiguous lots, landscaping, etc.

public hearing, By-Laws, 12 Oct. 2006 Half-way houses, race track, animal crematorium, etc.


Sewer Commission


Sewer Board, June13, 2006

Sewer Board, June22, 2006

Sewer Board, Aug 10, 2006

Sewer Board, Sept. 28, 2006

Sewer Board, Oct. 26, 2006

Sewer Board, Nov 30, 2006

Special Meeting, Sewer Board, 4 Dec 06

Sewer Commission Jan 25, 2007

Sewer Commission Feb 22, 2007

Sewer Board, May 31, 2007

1+sewer+board+June+28.doc">SC07051 sewer board June 28.doc


Pownal Planning Committees

Notes on the February 12th meeting with Costello and Smoren of Vermont Rural Development


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Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 11:58 pm on Nov 13, 2006

can not the selectboard meetings be posted in a more timely manner, so that they are representative of current discussions in the community of whats going on in Pownal?
with todays internet system and email ability it seems like a reasonable request to post these minutes in a more quick fashion for the memmbers of the community that dont attend meetings.

Ray Rodrigues said

at 11:47 am on Nov 30, 2006

I post minutes when I receive them. Minutes cannot be posted until they are officially reviewed and approved by the Select Board.

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