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Montpelier Notes from Bill Botzow

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End of Session 2018 Legislative Report.doc


Montpelier Notes 05-23-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 04-15-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 4-8-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 04-01-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 03-19-18.doc


Town Mtg Report 6 Mar 18 w: resources.doc


Montpelier Notes 2-25-18.doc


February 18--2018.doc


Montpelier Notes 02-12-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 4 Feb 18.doc


Montpelier Notes 1-21-18.doc


Montpelier Notes 7 Jan 18.doc






Montpelier Notes 11-14-17.doc


Some Fall Notes 10-24-17.doc


Some summer Notes.doc


End of Session 2017 Legislative Report.doc


April 23, 2017.doc


Montpelier Notes 4-16-2017.doc


9 April 2017.doc


Montpelier Notes 3-27-2017.doc


Montpelier Notes 3-19-17.doc


Legislative Report, 2017.pdf


montpelier Notes 3-6-17.docx




6 Feb 17.doc


January 22--2017.doc  


January 16 --2017.doc


Montpelier Notes 1_6_17.doc 





May 9 2016.docx

April 24 2016.doc

April 17 2016.pdf

April 10,2016 more water information.doc

April 3--2016.doc

24 March 2016.doc (regarding water contamination)

March 20 2016.doc

March 13 2016.doc

February 21--2016.doc

February 14--2016.doc

February 7 2016.doc

7 Jan 16 Montpelier Report.doc

Montpelier Notes Jan 24 2016.doc

notes January 31 2016.doc




May 10 2015.docx

Montpelier Notes 05 03 15.pdf

April 19 2015.pdf

April 12 2015.pdf

April 5 2015.pdf

March 29 2015.pdf

March 22--2015.docx

March 15 2015.docx

March 4 report to Town meeting.pdf

Feb 22, 2015.pdf

February 15.pdf

 This week was relatively quiet on the House floor as members are deep into committee work.pdf .pdf

Montpelier Notes 02 Feb 15.pdf

January 25 2015.pdf

January 11 - 2015.pdf

5 January 2015.docx




July 9, 2014.docx

End of Session 2014.pdf

May 4--2014.docx

April 27, 2014.pdf

April 20, 2014.pdf

April 14--2014.pdf

April 06--2014.pdf results of Doyle poll, education bills

March 30, 2014.pdf


Montpelier Notes 03-16-14.pdf

March 02, 2014.pdf

February 23 montpelier notes.pdf

Mont Notes 16February 14.pdf

Montpelier Notes 2-9-14.pdf

Montpelier Notes 02-03-14.pdf

Montpelier Notes 01-19-14.pdf




Montpelier Notes 1-3-13.doc

Session 2013.pdf End of Year Report

May 5, 2013.pdf

Montpelier Notes 4-29-13.docx

8 April 13.pdf

March 31 2013.pdf

March 24, 2013.doc

Montpelier Notes 03-17-13.pdf

Town Meeting 2013 Legislative Report.doc

February 24 2013.doc

February 17, 2013.doc

Montpelier Notes 2-11-13.doc

February 3, 2013.docx

Montpelier Notes 01-27-13.pdf

January 20, 2013.pdf

Montpelier Notes 01-13-13.pdf

January 1, 2013.pdf



Montpelier Notes.pdf 4 Nov 12

Montpelier Notes 19 July 2012.pdf  

Montpelier Notes Final 2012 Report.pdf

April 15, 2012.doc

9 April 2012.doc

April 1, 2012.pdf

March 25, 2012.pdf

March 18, 2012.pdf

Montpelier Notes27Feb12.pdf  






Older notes begin here. For notes prior to Jan 2007, please contact Bill Botzow (contact info in each file).



Bill and Ruth Botzow




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