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News from 2018 and earlier

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Town postpones meeting over possible landfill cleanup.doc


Town seeks feedback on proposed town plan changes.doc


Select Board OKs engineering firm for landfill study.doc


Pownal students learn coding.doc


Town Mulls Transfer Station Future.doc


POWNAL Select Board Re-votes.doc


Pownal Select Board Seats in Flux.doc


Dewar joins the board of Meals on Wheels.doc


Caraman fills vacant seat on Pownal board.doc


Select Board to consider insurance.doc


local school districts must merge.doc


Alternatives for town hall on agenda.doc


Martel ‘did it all for Pownal’.doc


Bruce Joseph Martel.doc


2 burglaries at Pownal Elementary.doc


Madison Brewing uses Hoppy Valley hops.doc


Hops farm moves.doc


Pownal Seeks More Candidates.doc


Caraman accepts POWNAL SELECT BOARD.doc


Dewars resigns from Pownal Select Board.doc


Nelson Brownell wins Bennington.doc


Historical Society cheers town hall vote.doc


Pownal State Rep Race Brownell, Miller, 0'Connor.doc


Candidates for State Rep debate issues.doc


Town hall proposal to be aired.doc


Positive Force for Pownal Wins Award.doc


O’Connor seeks to represent Bennington.doc


Nelson Brownell seeks House seat.doc


Fred Miller seeks Bennington 1 House District Seat.doc


Village designations to boost town’s economy.doc


Town seeks members for economic board.doc


The best year we have ever had.doc


Town hall article OK’d for ballot.doc


A free bike tour of Pownal on Sept 22.doc


Protecting Pownal’s pollinators.doc


Complaint filed over voting process.doc


Selectboard member snags land intended for public right.doc


Bear raids kitchen of Pownal home.doc


New home for Pownal meetings.doc


Puerto Rican cuisine rolls into Pownal.doc       Rob's Rollin' Rican Closes


First town administrator begins July 16.doc


Thanks to community for Green Up efforts.doc (letter to the editor)


Pownal farms put out the welcome mat.doc


State will study Route 7 safety


Pownal board OKs plan for 3 solar projects.doc


Second PFOA site studied .doc


Elected representatives explain votes on gun bills.doc


Vermont Climate Initiatives:  Pownal

Pownal Model Communities Report


Vermont Model Communities Report


Scrap metal stolen from racetrack.doc


Splash pad and other recreation.doc


PFOA IN POWNAL WELL--permanent filter.doc


Jarvis takes Caraman by a nose.doc


VOTING RESULTS of 03/06/2018 elections:  https://townofpownal.org/web-docs/archived-docs/clerk/election-results/2018-march-6-results.pdf




Article about clerk’s post sparks discussion.doc


Cottrell named to Rural Builder HOF.doc


Pownal FPF political positions.doc


Four seek two Select Board posts.doc


Pownal Selectman buys land eyed by town.doc


3 in running for seat in Pownal.doc 

North Pownal Congregational Church Hosts 2nd Annual Night to Shine.doc


Pownal to consider appointing town clerks.doc 


Pownal OK’s ad for town admin role.doc


Comfort food for a cause.doc


Montpelier Notes 7 Jan 18.doc


No bids received for Pownal forestland.doc




Land access seen as key to boosting recreation economy.doc 


Hoosic River Hydro goes online.doc 


Pownal veteran to get France’s highest honor.doc


Pownal to recount close vote results.doc 


Stolen ATMs dumped in Pownal.doc


Act 46 School Merger proposal sunk.doc


Vote Yes for School Merger (letter to the editor).doc


ACT 46 Meeting Report, 27 Oct 17.doc           Act 46 Forum 27 Oct, page 2.doc


Pownal witch trial highlighted in ‘Legends’.doc      Witch in Pownal, page 2.doc 


Indian Massacre Road cleanup.doc 


School boards face challenging budgets.doc Not overtly about Pownal, but relevant to Pownal


Pownal board to hold Act 46 hearing.doc letter to the editor from the school board


Suspicions about government surface at Pownal meeting.doc 


School Districts Must Cut Teachers and Staff.doc


Smart Growth, Red Herrings, and a Town's Climate Plan  editorial

Fear of Empowerment


Act 46 Merger Would Decrease Pownal Taxes.doc 


Town Considers Solar Array on Brownfield Site (2015 news, but still current)


Nature Conservancy Adds Land at Pownal Quarry Site


School consolidation vote- Panel reconsiders motion.doc 


Bob Jarvis—On the Pownal Town Plan.pdf 


 Snake Hill Road Work Needed.pdf 


A response to Empower Pownal and the town plan.pdf letter to the editor


Meeting set on site for new Pownal well.pdf 


Not happy with editorial.doc letter to the editor


Pownal to consider revote on warning.doc


Lost hiker in Pownal.doc


Editorial got us wrong.doc letter to the editor


Act 46 consolidation and Shaftsbury (and Pownal).doc 


Pownal should reconsider Act 46 warning.doc editorial


Time for other voices to be heard in Pownal.doc editorial


Pownal does not warn Act 46 vote.doc 


State OKs SVSU merger.doc 


Residents want changes in town plan.doc 




Southshire Schools Low Test Scores.doc 


Woodford could use Pownal buses for field trips.doc 


Petition calls for vote on project plans.doc 


A toxic legacy in Pownal.doc


West Nile virus found in Pownal and Shaftsbury.doc 


Pownal test well yields positive results.doc 


Forests in 3 states to be saved.doc 


Our concerns in Pownal are real.doc 


Amid flap, residents decide on five projects.doc


Controversy about the Climate Economy Communities planning


Democracy is not something to be feared.doc (letter to the editor)


Don’t fear democracy.doc (letter to the editor)


Pownal’s opportunity to lead.doc (commentary)


Pownal Program not Something to Fear (editorial)


Some residents object to initiative.doc 




Pownal sixth grade graduates.doc 


Vandals break into Mack Molding.doc


Future Pownal initiatives to be considered.doc 


Pownal Students Raise and Release Trout.doc 


Two new solar projects in works.doc 


Pownal students win video contest.doc 


VOSHA closes indoor air complaint against Pownal.doc 


Pownal school board discusses summer construction.doc 


Pownal seeking legal access to 700 acres.doc 


First Climate Community initiative launched in Pownal.doc 


Water Bottling Proposal for Pownal Race Track.doc 


‘Not in my lifetime’ School Board member.doc


First model climate economy town.doc 


LETTER TO THE EDITOR re Town Office.docx 


POWNAL TOWN OFFICE receives mold complaint.doc


3 Pownal sites to be checked for possible water system source.doc 


POWNAL Rejects Town Office Planning.doc 


POWNAL school to keep buses.doc


Pownal to vote on town office building.doc 


Contract awarded in search for new water system well.doc 


Nature Conservancy adds land to Pownal area.doc 


Mighty Food has new home.doc 


Pownal school budgets finalized.doc 


Select board struggles with ballot question on new town hall.doc 


Further PFOA testing to focus on site near Pownal town office.doc


Vermont the least friendly state for retirees


Vermont among worst states to make a living


Vermont 2nd best state for growing old






Pownal leads in solar energy.doc


Sediment Assessment Upstream of Dam.doc


Early reports show slight decrease in Pownal SPED costs.doc 


Addressing primary care shortage.doc


Botzow Going door to door.doc 


Susan B Anthony at Pownal Historical Society.doc


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dW2hTApKRQ   CATV recording of ACT 46 open meeting


ACT 46 community forum and options.doc


Pownal Woman Conquers Appalachian Trail.doc 


Developer works on second hydro project.doc 


Car Show at Pownal Track.doc 


New store getting into the spirit of things.doc 


Pownal Democratic Party Caucus minutes.doc


Celebrating cleaner water--Governor in Pownal.doc 


Firm chosen for Roost study.doc


Five firms bid on feasibility study for town office.docx 


Pownal school policies on visits and class size proposed.doc


School bids farewell to buses.doc


Pownal school earns top prize.doc 85% of students eat breakfast in school.




Caraman Elected to Select Board.doc 




Hour for Our Community group grows.doc 


Two vie for Pownal Select Board.doc 


Pownal officials eye Route 7 property for potential new town office.doc 


May 24 vote to fill vacancy.doc


New filter system approved.doc 


SELECT BOARD mulls Town Office.doc


April 24 2016.doc


PFOA found in handful of Pownal wells.doc


Pownal Select Board Special election to fill vacancy.pdf 


Pownal Select Board member and road foreman resign.doc 


Online news about the public meeting on the water


Residents Look for Answers about Water (video)


Residents Demand Answers about Water (video)


PFOA Found in Pownal Fire District 2 Well Water (VTBiz.com).  See also: Bennington Banner and WCAX.


O'Connor--Act 46 Creates Chaotic Situation for Pownal.doc


Paul Cillo's Testimony on Educational Spending


State to Investigate Warren Wire Site for PFOA


fewer jobs in Vermont during 2015--Public Assets Institute


Town Meeting Report--Botzow.doc


Bennington board votes no confidence in superintendent.doc


2016 Election Results.doc


2016 Town Meeting.doc


Tax rate decrease projected for Pownal.doc


SVSU Act 46 study committee visits Pownal for hearing.doc




News from 2015 and earlier




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