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School Merger, Act 46, Pownal Elementary School

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 Sample Ballot


Voting to approve merger is right decision.doc  editorial


ACT 46 Meeting Report, 27 Oct 17.doc

     Act 46 Forum 27 Oct, page 2.doc

 What is Act 46?  What does it mean to Pownal?


Act 46 Merger Impact upon Taxes.doc


 If school districts choose not to merge 


Hurd urges ‘yes’ vote on merger.doc (letter to the editor) 


Vote Yes for School Merger (letter to the editor).doc


ACT 46 letters to the editor.doc


More Act 46 Letters to the Editor.doc


vote yes on school merger--opinion.doc 


In the best interest of the schools.doc letter to the editor


Another ‘yes’ vote for merger.doc letter to the editor


Consolidation will have positive impact.doc letter to the editor


School boards face challenging budgets.doc


Pownal board to hold Act 46 hearing.doc (letter to the editor)


School Districts Must Cut Teachers and Staff.doc


School vote- Panel reconsiders motion.doc



     for more information, go here:  UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPOSAL.doc



Pownal Elementary School data:  test scores, retention, teacher salaries, etc.


Realty Trac Data on Pownal Elementary School


School Digger Data on Pownal Elementary School







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