Pownalites Plant Natives


The Strobridge Recreational Area, a complex of riverside greensward and upland forest near the former Pownal tannery on the Hoosic River, will soon offer environmental and educational, as well as outdoor recreational opportunities. At a work bee held on October 14th, Master Gardeners and other volunteers planted arrowwood, vibrunum, highbush blueberry, rhodora, New England aster, blue flag iris, and other native plants adapted to a southern Vermont riparian zone there. The shrubs and perennials were planted at the Tannery park, and along the river near the recently opened Pownal wastewater treatment plant. Shortly signs will be placed near the plantings, describing their aesthetic, wildlife, and ecological virtues. (One of their virtues is their amiability; they are not bullies, as are non-native invasive plants many examples of which were removed by work bee-ers.)


HooRWA thanks volunteers Bill and Ruth Botzow, Tom Ennis, and T. J. Norris.


[from the newsletter of the Hoosic River Watershed Association (HooRWA), Winter 2006-2007]